Canva 101-Creating Beautiful Designs On A Budget

Canva 101- Create Beautiful Design from Scratch is an introductory design course for freelancers, small businesses, and personal brands looking to market themselves independently.


The course teaches focuses on how to use the Canva platform for design needs, how to interact with the different design elements and other useful resources that will help you produce finished and ready-to-use designs.

Canva is a very valuable tool and has no doubt revolutionized the design space, doing what companies like Wix and WordPress are  doing to simplify web design but on a design actualization front

This class will focus on highlighting various design elements that will help you use canvas beautiful and functional designs for yourself and your small business.

Photoshop and it's technicalities was just too much to comprehend, but a platform like but a platform like Canva gives you the opportunity to bring your design to life without needing to painstakingly explain your vision to a graphics designer.

Now enough words. Let's explore!

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